COVID-19 Update 09/04/20

COVID-19 Update 09/04/20

ACIFC- trade association statement in relation to COVID 19 and our Construction sites 01.04.20

We have reviewed the Build UK/CLC document Site operating procedures – Protecting your workforce and the government information Full guidance on staying at home and away from others and the implications on our members’ work and the Health and Safety Regulations and law. 

In light of the current circumstances, the ACIFC are aware of difficulties facing our members in the decision to either remain on site or pull their workers off site. As such, the ACIFC is supportive of whichever decision members decide to make. This being said, we advise members that if they cannot implement and abide by the Site Operating Procedures as outlined in the CLC document, they halt work on the affected sites until operating procedures can be met.

We expect for the majority of our members, the 2 metre rule will prove problematic to adhere to, with issues being presented in both travelling to work and carrying out works on site. If members feel they cannot adopt this rule, we fully support their decision to withdraw from working on sites. If, however, members are comfortable to adopt this rule and can implement it as per the guidelines, the ACIFC likewise approves this decision.

We understand that this will present issues on site, and appreciate the difficulty of the situation. As a result, the ACIFC stands beside our members during this time to support their decision, whatever it may be. The safety and welfare of our members, their workforce and in turn their families, remains paramount in these unprecedented times. Furthermore, in the light of industry comment regarding Breach of Contract and Force Majeure, the ACIFC will fully support its membership with Legal and Contract support should that prove necessary. 

Ultimately, the decision to send employees to work on site or to pull them from site, is yours to make and the ACIFC is supportive of whatever decision is made by each individual member.

Stay safe and healthy. 


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