Technical Guidance

Technical Guidance

ACIFC publishes Flooring Technical Notes to provide guidance on issues arising in connection with industrial concrete floor installation. The ACIFC Flooring Technical Notes are designed to explain to clients and contractors alike the common problems experienced by clients with the objective of helping contractors to set realistic expectations. The Flooring Technical Notes, which are produced by the dedicated ACIFC Technical Committee, are available to view by clicking on the links below.



Causes of Cracking in Concrete

This Flooring Technical Note considers the main causes of non-structural cracks in concrete. It focuses on the reasons for cracking in concrete which are not due to poorly designed floor details or operational overloading problems. Read More


Cracks in Industrial Concrete Floors

This Flooring Technical Note considers the types of cracks specific to concrete industrial floors and the typical causes of non-structural cracks. It does not look at the subject of crazing which is covered separately inĀ Flooring Technical Note 03 – Surface Crazing. Read More


Surface Crazing

This Flooring Technical Note considers the characteristics, causes and implications of surface crazing on concrete industrial floors. Read More



This Flooring Technical Note considers the causes and implications of curling in slab on grade construction in concrete industrial floors and highlights best practice methods to assist in minimising the potential for curling. Read More



This Flooring Technical Note considers the cause of delamination on internal power trowelled floor slabs. It also covers the detection and repair of delamination. Read More


Steel Fibres on Surface

This Flooring Technical Note considers the appearance of steel fibres on the surface of concrete slabs. It focuses on what surface fibres to expect and the casting and finishing techniques to help reduce their occurrence. Read More


Performance Concrete and Consistency

This Flooring Technical Note looks at what performance requirements should be considered to ensure that the concrete specified is suitable for constructing a concrete industrial floor.

Read More


Pre-start Meetings

This Flooring Technical Note considers what should be discussed in pre-start meetings to ensure the successful construction of a concrete industrial floor. It also highlights the importance of defining the responsibilities of the parties involved. Read More
The development of the ACIFC Flooring Technical Notes have been part funded by CITB.